Woman waits for rescue in Kentucky factory after tornado: video

A pile of rubble was all that was left of a candle factory in Mayfield, Kentucky, destroyed by a powerful hurricane that also destroyed much of the surrounding city.

Dozens were killed and rescue workers combed the wreckage of the factory Saturday morning for survivors of the deadly storm — one of a series of tornadoes that swept five states overnight, leaving a path of death and destruction across hundreds of miles.

WPSD reported that there were at least 110 people inside the plant when the tornado hit around 10:30 p.m. Governor Andy Basher said four different tornadoes made landfall across the state early Saturday, according to the Louisville Courier Journal, and there was significant damage across at least four counties from one tornado that traveled more than 200 miles.

early morning pictures Social media showed that the town, with a population of about 10,000, had been flattened. Other cities in the corridors of strong typhoons were also severely damaged.

The horrific videos posted to Facebook by a woman named Kiana Lou depicted it in complete darkness, waiting for rescue inside the dilapidated building.

“I think they are trying to reach us, but I am really scared that I will be one of the last people to reach them,” she said in the video, which is almost completely dark and filled with shouts and screams of others who were trapped and some of them appeared to be rescue workers.

“I can’t feel my leg,” she once said, explaining that it was suspended by a drinking fountain in the moraine. After a few minutes, she used the light on her phone to show her predicament. “I keep calm but I’m not feeling well,” she says, sometimes trying to calm some of the coworkers close to her.

A tornado damaged a courthouse in Mayfield, Kentucky.
Kima / Twitter
Hurricane damage at a feed store in Mayfield, Kentucky, Saturday, December 11, 2021.
Hurricane damage at a feed store in Mayfield, Kentucky. On December 11, 2021.
Photo courtesy of the Associated Press/Timothy D. Easley

“We got hit by a tornado and the building fell on us while we were trapped,” she actually says at one point in the 10-minute video when she appears to have made a phone call. She promised to go out because it’s her 40th birthday on Saturday and jokes about the new hairstyle she got for the celebration, and asks the person she’s talking to check in on her kids without telling them what happened to her.

“This building is in a state of complete disarray,” Kiana adds.

In a second video, she’s outside, walking in the rain with tears streaming down her face. “I’m out! I’m out! I’m fine!” She says while the wind is blowing around her.


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