Zendaya ‘never thought’ about being taller than boyfriend Tom Holland

Zendaya sets the record straight about stereotypes of being a tall woman.

The actress and singer attended SiriusXM . City Council Billboard alongside boyfriend and actor Tom Holland, who stands at 5ft 8, to discuss the release of Spider-Man: There is no room for home. It didn’t take long before the conversation turned to discussing the stigma faced by tall women dating shorter women.

Zendaya may be taller than boyfriend Tom Holland, but she says it’s one of the last things she thinks of. (Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM)

“[She’s] Holland told co-host Jessica Shaw. “Maybe like an inch or two at best.”

“My mom is taller than my dad,” added Zendaya, who stands 5 feet 11, according to IMDB. “My mom is taller than everyone else.”

“I remember when we used to do Spider Man Screen tests, the Netherlands followed. “Every girl we tested for both roles was taller than me. I wonder if… a decision John made. [Watts] I made. There was no one who tested shorter than me. To be fair, I’m pretty short. So maybe this was a decision John Watts made and something he was very familiar with and wanted to break the stereotype. I think that’s great.”

It’s a beautiful moment in between,” Zendaya said, pointing to one moment. There is no place for home When she and Holland personality kiss, highlighting the height difference between them. “I hate having to cheat on him and pretend, like, why don’t I just leave him the way he is?”

“Put me on the apple crate,” Holland joked.

“I honestly didn’t think of it as a thing,” Zendaya added. “Because my parents have always been that way. So I didn’t know that people even cared about life, you know, but before that I had no idea that.”

The couple joked about it in another appearance on The Graham Norton Show Earlier this month, when Zendaya reported that height difference was only an issue for them when it came to doing a particular stunt on set.

There is a moment in the There is no place for home When they were supposed to land together on a bridge, but since she was taller, her feet would hit the ground first.

“I was going to land in front of him,” she told Norton.

“Zendaya is going down,” Holland explained. “And I’m the superhero, I’m supposed to look cool. And I’ll go down with my feet swinging from under me and then holding me.”

Before giving a small demo, Zendaya praised Holland, saying, “I was actually pretty likable about it. You’d be like ‘Oh my God, thank you.'”

Discussions about height aren’t entirely new to the Netherlands, who have opened up about it GQ In the last month about dealing with growing insecurities, which still pop up from time to time.

“I’ve been doing this thing on red carpets where I stand closer to the paparazzi than the people behind me [to look taller]He explained, adding that he learned to focus on what he can control. “I can’t do anything about my height. [But] I can put on more muscle.”

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